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The goal of the Mouse Brain Architecture (MBA) project is to generate brainwide maps of inter-regional neural connectivity. These maps will thus specify the inputs and outputs of every brain region, at a "mesoscopic" level of analysis corresponding to brain compartments defined in classical neuroanatomy.

3D Viewer
GET STARTED: Select your injection point below by clicking on the button to the right. Once an injection point is selected you will be brought back up to the 3D navigation. Click on the injection point to see a list of brains which will appear in the right hand column.

Brains Featured in this Area

Please Select Points within 3D Viewer

Injection Points
How it works: Navigate below by using the dots to drill down and click on the name to select that point above in the 3D viewer

To expand a brain area into its subdivisions, click the associated circle {picture of dot}.
To collapse the subtree, unclick the parent circle.
To select (deselect) a brain area, click (unclick) its name.
Selecting a brain area on the tree will automatically plot, in the 3-D viewer above, the injections available in the selected area. In the plot, each injection is represented by a separate dot.
[The dots plotted in the 3-D viewer are color coded for the injected tracer substance, not for anatomical locus.] .

As you navigate the tree, you’ll notice 3 colors that will highlight brain areas in your search path:
Green means Selected; Black means Unselected; Orange indicates the brain hierarchy on the full path of your selection. This means that the brain areas in orange are anatomically inclusive of your selected set of areas. Note that only the selected subset, highlighted in green, can contribute injection points in the 3-D viewer.)

Each brain area named on the tree is followed by a number in parentheses.
This is the total number of injections available in that area.
Notice that totals from subtrees are subadditive (the sum over daughter nodes can be a smaller number then the total shown for the parent node.)
This is because not all injections could be localized at the finest subdivision available on the hierarchy. .

MBA licensing and citation policy

Material made public on the Brain Architecture Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 (CC-BY-SA) License. You are free to share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (remix, transform, and build upon) the material in any medium or format as long as you attribute the Mouse Brain Architecture Project (MBA) and provide a link to the MBA Portal (, and the CC license ( If you adapt the MBA material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the MBA original.