MouseBrain_OST5 F (270 sections)

Section: MouseBrain_OST5_Section_F_0076
(Bregma ~ +1.55 mm)

Section thickness:  50 um

Imaging Method:  Fluorescent


CH1 (red signal)
Injection: MOp
AP(Y)=0.620 ML(X)=2.400 DV(Z)=1.700
Virus: AAV2/1.CAGGS.FLEX.ChR2.tdTomato.SV40
(5.0 × 1012 particles/ml; University of Pennsylvania)
Mouse: Rbp4-cre

CH2 (green signal)
Injection: AP(Y)=1.245 ML(X)=1.200 DV(Z)=1.400
Virus: AAV2/2.CAGGS.Flex.Arch.GFP
(5.0 × 1012 particles/ml; University of North Carolina Vector Core)
Mouse: Rbp4-cre

Injection region:  Primary motor area (MOp) (2.40 mm, 0.62 mm, 1.70 mm)

Tracer:  AAV2/1.CAG.tdTomato.WPRE.SV40

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